Strongest poker bot: artificial intelligence against man

No one is surprised by computer programs that perform various multimedia tasks, and also play against real people in online games. Today there are a lot of poker bots – special programs that can “sit down” with you at a poker table and hold a good party.

Poker bots are in many respects inferior to man, often winning lots. And with every year the bots are getting more and more perfect and better. So, there is an opinion that soon they will surpass professional poker players.

Tartarian 8 – the best poker software

But not only with people poker bots compete. Championships are also organized between them. And during the last such event, the first place was given to the program Tartarian 8, which was developed by PhD student of Carnegie-Mellon University Noam Brown.

In the world poker championship among robots many programs participated. But the first place was won by the bot Tartarian 8. For 10 000 hands the program was not much, but bypassed its main rival – the Slumbot program in Texas unlimited poker. In general, the winning program won each of the competitors for 369 dollars.

Thus, Tartarian 8 became the best bot of modern times, which at the moment can not be beaten by any other computer program.
This computer program was developed by Noam Brown, along with Professor of Computer Technology Tuomas Sandholm. The boat is built on the program Tartanian 7, which is also known under the nickname Claudiсo. But the new development has received more improvements.

The full name of the bot is Baby Tartanian 8. According to the developers, their program can solve any problems with asymmetric information, adjusting to a variety of strategies. And this is what helps the bot to win in the championships, showing the best results.

Tartanian 8 has already been tried in competitions with other bots. Also the previous version of Tartarian competed against people. In the championship of bots and real players, Tartarian was released against four of the strongest poker players. And although the program lost, the gap was minimal. Therefore, we can say that this bot is a worthy competitor to professional poker players.

Prospects for poker bots in the future

After this game, Brown said that in a couple of years the bots will be stronger than all professional poker players. His program Tartarian 8, he promised to improve, so that no one can beat her. In this we can see for ourselves at the championship between people and cars, which will take place already in 2017. It is known that fight with the bot in the championship intends professional poker player Jason Lespok, who will play with the computer program more than 40,000 games in Texas unlimited poker.

Poker experts say that creating a program that can beat a person is possible. And we can already now observe such attempts. And then we’ll see who becomes stronger in poker: a person or a computer program.

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