Drill Master Poker Strategy

Bottom Line

Drill Master is a unique Texas Hold’em training program that will help
improve the game of any player. Although it is primarily designed for
the low limit Texas Hold’em player the concepts of determining pot
odds, analyzing the strength of hands, identifying outs and choosing
the correct starting hands carries over into higher limit and no limit
games. The Calculator mode of the program can even be used as you play
online to help you make decisions in live games and tournaments.

The Program

To win in low limit games you can almost play a basic strategy based on
the math of the game. Your decisions to fold, call or raise will be
based on the pot odds you are getting. To determine pot odds you figure
the odds of your hand being the winner and compare this with the
relationship of the money in the pot to the size of the bet you must
put in to call. If you are getting pot odds that are greater than the
odds off making your hand, then you call. If you are not getting the
right odds, you fold. In the long run you will make money if you base
your decisions on the pot odds. This is where Poker Drill Master can
improve your game. The training modes are designed to teach you how to
quickly identify and calculate the odds.

Poker Drill Master is not a game where you play poker against the
computer, or battle against programmed AI opponents (artificial
intelligence). Instead you learn through a series of random drills or
by analyzing hands that you enter into the calculator.

Poker Drill Master is divided into four main modes: Drill, Calculator,
System, and Outs. These correspond to the four lettered icons in the
main toolbar of the program.

Drill Mode

You should start with the drill mode to hone your
skills in making the right play decisions. Semi-random poker games in
various states of completion are presented to you. It could be
pre-flop, the flop, turn or the river. You are shown how many random
players are still active in the hand. You are given the amount of money
in the pot and the size of the bet you must call. You them answer four
questions based on your hand.

  1. You will determine the probability of your hand being the winner if played to the end.
  2. You then determine how your hand ranks to the other hands.
  3. You must determine the required pot odds needed to continue with the hand.
  4. You calculate your actual pot odds based on the money I the pot.

Every aspect of Drill Mode is configurable from the Options item in the
File menu, so you can fine tune the testing to exactly what you need
the most help with. (Pre-Flop, Flop, Turn or River)

You can copy any hand you encounter in drill mode to the calculator
mode to get a complete analysis of the hand. No matter what your skill
level you may find some surprises when using this mode.

Calculator Mode

The Calculator mode is the brains
behind Poker Drill Master and it is worth the price of the program by
itself. What separates this calculator from others is that you can test
any combination of both known and unknown hands. Most calculators make
you enter a second hand to make a comparison. This doesn’t do you any
good if you are trying to determine the strength of your had against
random unknown hands. Poker Drill Masters lets you do just that. In
fact if you are playing online you can actually have the program
running and enter in your hand during a live game to help you determine
your odds of winning against random hands.

The calculator automatically figures out if it can exhaustively run
every permutation of the game, or runs a few million random games
instead. The execution time for the poker simulator is configurable
from the Options item in the File menu.

Outs and System Modes

The outs mode shows you the probability of making your hand based on
the number of outs you have. Your outs are the number of unseen cards
that can make your hand the winner. The outs mode of Poker Drill Master
is more that just an out chart. The program allows you to enter the
size of the bet you must call. It then calculates the minimum pot odds
needed to make the call a profitable one. You can choose to have it
figure the pot odds for either one or two cards to come. This is also a
handy tool that you can use while playing online.

Choosing which starting hands to play is the most important decision
you will make in Texas Hold’em. Many well known experts have published
their own pre-flop criteria for selecting starting hands that tell when
to fold, call or raise with different opening hands. Some of these are
included with the program. My recommendations for starting hands are
included in the program along with those of Sklansky and others. In
System mode you enter any hand to get the recommendations for playing
any two card combinations based on the system you select. You can t
also copy and tinker with them, or create new ones based on your own
playing style.

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